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Selected results of the ProFile doctoral candidates of the years 2009-2013 are available here:

pdf ProFile – Interim Results 2014

In it's August edition Forschung & Lehre published an article, which is also available online:

Hornbostel, Stefan / Tesch, Jakob, 2014: Die Forschungspromotion. Entwicklungstrends in Deutschland. Forschung und Lehre Heft 8/2014, 606-608. Online

A comprehensive report on the project and results can be found here (in German):

pdf Hauss, Kalle / Kaulisch, Marc / Zinnbauer, Manuela / Tesch, Jakob / Fräßdorf, Anna / Hinze, Sybille / Hornbostel, Stefan, 2012: Promovierende im Profil: Wege, Strukturen und Rahmenbedingungen von Promotionen in Deutschland. Ergebnisse aus dem ProFile-Promovierendenpanel. iFQ-Working Paper No.13. Berlin.

Results concerning particular questions and aspects can be gathered from publications and presentations.