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METRIS – Monitoring European Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities

The objective of METRIS was to set up and maintain an inventory of SSH research in Europe consisting of important national programmes and priorities as well as protagonists, trends and societal challenges and to enable comparative analyses. Within the project an information- and monitoring-system has been developed to inform science policy makers and researchers as well as the interested public on a national and European level. This has been realized by establishing, a network of national experts responsible for gathering and compiling the relevant information. iFQ acted as the respective Country Correspondent for Germany and was a member of the steering committee of the network.
All country reports prepared in the context of the METRIS project were made available via an internet platform, which ceased to exist in June 2014. The studies prepared by iFQ on the situation of the SSH in Germany as well as the summary report for 2010 can be accessed (country report 2010, country report 2011, country report 2012, summary report 2010).

The project was coordinated by Technopolis Consulting Group Belgium SPRL .

Co-ordination: Technopolis Consulting Group Belgium SPRL (European Network with more than 20 country correspondents)
Duration: January 2009 – June 2013
Funding: European Commission, DG Research
Contact persons: Dr. André Lottmann, Dr. Sybille Hinze